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(Micro-)Performing Ancient Weaving in the PENELOPE Project

Artist/Author: Giovanni Fanfanni, David Griffiths, Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Anna Purna Mamidipudi, Alex McLean | Reference: A0900 | ISBN: 1352-8165 | Type: Article

The article presents the research practice of the PENELOPE project as it sets to explore the distinctive logic and order of ancient weaving − an inferential dimension embedded in the material and thus mainly implicit, which is best grasped through performing and which we address here as microperformative.

Performance Research pg 123-130, On Microperformativity Volume 25, No 3 April/May 2020

JARMAN (all this maddening beauty) and other plays

Artist/Author: Caridad Svich | Reference: P3626 | ISBN: 978-1783206223 | Type: Publication

A collection of three radically poetic works for live performance. Includes JARMAN, Carthage/Cartagena), and The Orphan Sea.

Jarman (All This Maddening Beauty) and Other Plays

Artist/Author: Caridad Svich | Reference: P2953 | ISBN: 978-1783206223 | Type: Publication

A collection of three life performance texts by the OBIE Award winning playwright. Includes: JARMAN (all this maddening beauty), Carthage/Cartagena, The Orphan Sea and essays.