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Dada in Paris

Artist/Author: Michel Sanouillet | Reference: P2799 | ISBN: 978-0262518215 | Type: Publication

Published in France in 1965, the book reintroduced the Dada movement to a public that had largely ignored or forgotten it. More than forty years later, it remains both the unavoidable starting point and the essential reference for anyone interested in Dada or the early-twentieth century avant-garde. Translated by Sharmila Ganguly.

Points d’Impact – Avec ou Sans Parole

Artist/Author: Various | Reference: D1958 | Type: DVD

Documentation of the sixth edition of Points d’impact festival in Geneva (2011), titled Who’s Afraid Of Performance Art? Includes performances, conferences and credits.

Suis a la messe, reviens de suite

Artist/Author: L'Alakran | Reference: D1850 | Type: DVD

Audio in French with German, Italian, English and Spanish subtitles.

Kairos, sisyphes et zombies

Artist/Author: L'Alakran | Reference: D1849 | Type: DVD

Audio in French with English, Spanish or Italian subtitles.

Yann Marussich documentation

Artist/Author: Yann Marussich | Reference: D0385 | Type: DVD


Traversee (2004), Morsures (2004), Bleu Provisoire (2001), Coeur Affome (1997), Autoportrait dans une fourmilere (2003).