ALAG: A Live Art Gala – 2014 – Summary of Silent Auction, Live Auction and Tombola

ALAG: A Live Art Gala

Summary of


A fundraiser to celebrate the Live Art Development Agency’s 15th Anniversary and support its artistic programmes

Thursday October 2, 2014
7.30pm to late
Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

Your MC: David Hoyle
Your Auctioneer: Joshua Sofaer
Your Glamorous Assistant: Lucy McCormick

Please join LADA’s celebrations, enjoy a full evening’s entertainment, and help support one of the world’s leading organisations for Live Art.


This document summarizes the objects and experiences being offered though the ALAG Live and Silent Auctions and Tombola. 

Funds raised at ALAG will directly support LADA’s programmes, making influential artists’ development programmes like DIY possible, supporting new publications by extraordinary artists, and helping us buy essential books and DVDs for our Study Room.

If you are unable to attend ALAG, you can still bid for any of the auction items in advance by emailing CJ Mitchell at [email protected] — please do this before October 1, 2014.
Payments at ALAG can be made by cash, cheque or card.

Silent Auction

Written bids for the following objects and experiences will be taken throughout the evening at ALAG. You will be able to see how the bids are developing, and decide if you would like to bid more… Bidding will close at 10.30pm!


I. Silent Auction: Objects

Marina Abramovic
“Walking Backwards with Mirror Exercise” Mirror

A small signed, wooden hand mirror (24.5 cm x 13 cm) used during Marina Abramovic’s recent performance 512 Hours (Serpentine Gallery, 2014). The mirror can be used for her “Walking Backwards with Mirror Exercise,” and includes a signed description of instructions for use. This exercise was developed by the artist for her workshops, and is more fully described in Marina Abramovic, Student Body: Workshops 1979-2003, Performances 1993 -2003 (Charta, Italy: 2003), pg. 74-5.
Starting bid: £200

Oreet Ashery
Party for Freedom T-Shirt, 2013, 6/6
One of only six T-Shirts made for the performers in Oreet Ashery’s recent project Party for Freedom and the last one available! The project explored the potentials and dilemmas of liberation in a culture at odds with itself, drawing upon histories of experimental performance, theatre and film, satire, biopolitics and popular media.
Starting bid: £25
Ron Athey
Martyrs&Saints Poster

This rare poster (61cm x 32cm) is one of the last three in existence from Athey’s legendary performance of Martyrs&Saints at LACE in Los Angeles. “In 1992, the Board of LACE (which included Dennis Cooper, Bob Flanagan, Sheree Rose) invited me to present Martyrs&Saints. This piece had been growing in scenes performed at Club Fuck! and this was the moment when the work became something else. The Sebastian image was photographed by the late Elyse Regehr.” – Ron Athey
Starting bid: £100

Julia Bardsley
u see the image of her i

Bardsley’s new limited edition publication collects the pinhole photographs she has been producing since 2004; the book also contains essays by Andrew Poppy, Dominic Johnson and Catherine Silverstone. This copy is a signed limited edition of an artist’s proof with an original digital inkjet print. An EAR EYE GYM book, published by POP BARD projects 2014.
Starting bid: £50

Jason E Bowman
Untitled (Baseball Bat) 

In 1998, Franklin Furnace (New York City) commissioned this work from Jason E. Bowman, who sanded a baseball bat (a phallocentric club used in the iconic American sporting game, which is also often used to threaten or protect as an instrument of violence) into a door wedge, a converse object that demands openness of boundaries and borders, and in doing so questioned the need for surveillance and security. Since 1998, Bowman has intermittently adapted baseball bats through mechanical processes for exhibition and as a recurring donation to fund-raising auctions as part of an unlimited edition. The baseball bat is full-length and oiled, been mechanically sanded length-wise into a wedge and has a leather strap to hang it by, threaded through a hole at the handle.
Starting bid: £50

Stuart Brisley
Charles-Camilla Print
Stuart Brisley has donated a print from his series on the Charles-Camilla tapes where Charles says he’d like to be Camilla’s tampon! Brisley made a series of prints of the Camilla tapes on letterpress – newspapers wouldn’t publish the tapes in England but you could read them in a Scottish newspaper. So the work is about monarchy, and freedom of information. Hand printed, unframed.
Starting bid: £200

The Disabled Avant-Garde (DAG)
Big Cock Tea Towel
One of a series of five made for the London Art Fair in 2008. The tea towel is in its original state (bought from a pound shop and featuring a nice little plastic hook), but has the all-important ‘The Disabled Avant-Garde’ ink-stamp underneath the picture of the Big Cock. The stamp is now lost, and four of the stamped tea towels were sold at the Art Fair at a fiver each, so this a unique object. Bid large for a Big Cock!!
Starting bid: £15


2. Silent Auction: Experiences

Experiences will be scheduled by the artists with the winning bidders.

Taking Time with Tim Etchells

to take time

to meet at an as yet unknown location

to walk talk and think together

to eat

to walk some more

Starting bid: £50

A Technical Wrestling Masterclass with jamie lewis hadley
jamie’s former career as a professional wrestler is one departure point for his performances, which explore blood, deterioration, endurance, pain and violence. This is an opportunity for a 60 minute, one-on-one physical wrestling masterclass with jamie, which will cover the basics of old school British professional wrestling; think wrist locks, head locks, waist locks… and probably some more locks. As a cheeky bonus, jamie will run the class in a ass-less singlet (optional, of course).
Starting bid: £50

Behind the Scenes with Raimund Hoghe
LADA Patron, Raimund Hoghe presents Pas De Deux, a duet performance with the Japanese dancer Takashi Ueno, at Trinity Laban in London on Thursday November 27, 2014. This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes with Raimund at Trinity Laban as he prepares the performance in the theatre space, and to receive two complimentary tickets to the performance.
Starting bid: £75 (includes tickets)


Spa Break with Brian Lobel
Brian Lobel will take you for a half day of rest and relaxation at a spa or sauna in London; you will not talk about art or work. Brian pays for your admission and a light lunch afterwards. You decide on the type of spa or sauna you’d like to go to, and then bring, respectively, either your bathing suit or your bottle of poppers. This experience is intended for London-based bidders, although other locations may be possible.
Starting bid: £50
Swim the Thames with Amy Sharrocks
Amy Sharrocks makes artworks about people and their relationship to water. She has swum in most of the available stretches of water in London, a few fountains and even a gutter. “An intrepid gang of swimmers swim in the Thames at Hammersmith every couple of weeks throughout the summer, swimming up and down with the changing of the tide. Let me take you for a swim in the waters of London, for a rare chance to get into our river in safety. This is not a race, and you don’t have to be a great swimmer: the swim is only a couple of hundred metres, and there are safety boats. We could just drift and admire the clouds. This is the only possibility of entering the open river of the Tidal Thames.” – Amy Sharrocks
Starting bid: £50

Photo Opportunity with Manuel Vason
Manuel Vason explores the relationship between photography and performance to shape a special hybrid art form, and his collaborations have produced some of the most iconic images of live contemporary performance. This is an opportunity to spend a day in the studio (or elsewhere) with Manuel to create a new photographic image together. “I consider a photo-session as a pretense for a photo-encounter… a real excuse to meet a new mind and a new set of skills. Hopefully the trace of this exchange will mark another memorable image.” – Manuel Vason
Starting bid: £50

Personalised Jingle by Susannah Hewlett
Jingles are signature pieces for Susannah Hewlett, and she has created them for many organisations and events over the last 10 years. What better way to commemorate yourself as all round astounding human being than by having your own personalised jingle made?  Encapsulate your achievements and all star qualities in this catchy voice over that no one will forget.  Shape the content with details about yourself  – and remember your underachievement and disappointments are just as important! Have it on your website, play it as you enter a room, or just use it as a really long answer phone message! Let the world know who you really are!
Starting bid: £200


Live Auction:

Each of the following Live Auction items will be accompanied by a live performance/presentation at ALAG.


Anne Bean and Richard Wilson
The place where the skin meets the air
The founder members of the Bow Gamelan Ensemble, lightbulbs, blowtorches and hand sketched scores combine to create unique burnt offerings!
Starting bid: £75


Marcia Farquhar
Marcia Farquhar will perform an intimate casting and give up “the outcome” for auction at ALAG accompanied by a free marble dust resin cake. The solid stone Rosebud cupcakes were produced as a Limited Edition of 10 for LADA’s 10th Anniversary and are no longer available for sale. A unique opportunity to acquire an extraordinary object.
Starting bid: £50


David Hoyle
Audience Painting
ALAG audience members are invited to bid to be captured on canvas, or to nominate someone to be captured on canvas, in a live painting by the legendary David Hoyle on stage at ALAG and then to take it home with them.
Starting bid: £100


La Ribot
A wooden folding chair, personally inscribed with the following burned words, by La Ribot for ALAG:


LIVE ART WITHOUT …………………………………………LA RIBOT 2014
“This chair has been with me since my first choreographic piece Carita de Angel in 1985. I found it “in the Madrid of the 80’s.” A guy, Sebastian, rented these chairs, and he sold me only two, because I was an artist. Normally he rented these chairs by the hundreds for bullfights, weddings and summer cinema. The chairs were used, very used actually, and loaded with plenty of lovely events in their seat bottoms. They are wooden, very strong, light, popular and foldable. What more can I ask of a chair? They have accompanied me through all my work, we travel together, and as a friend said the other day, they should follow me into my grave. A lot of my distinguished pieces were done with these chairs.”
Starting bid: £90

Ursula Martinez
Hanky Panky
Ursula Martinez is a London based writer, performer and cult cabaret diva. We are delighted to present a special ALAG performance of Martinez’s legendary strip-tease and conjuring trick, with an opportunity to bid for the hanky!
Starting bid: £10



£10 a ticket, one random prize every time, from the following 40 items.

Bobby Baker
Five Pets Who Care About Art
Five drawings by Bobby Baker, who is endeavouring to recruit Five Pets Who Care About Art, to support ALAG: A Live Art Gala, by donating themselves heart and soul body and mind blood sweat and tears tooth and nail to the Tombola, in aid of a variety of innovative groundbreaking durational artistic aspirations.

Richard DeDomenici
Gherkin T-Shirts
These five iconic T-Shirts include a strategically-placed image of London’s Gherkin… Newly produced for ALAG, Richard sold out of the small batch originally made last Christmas for Su Hewlett’s Motel De Nowhere Xmas Fete.

Yara El-Sherbini
The World is my Oyster
Oyster Card Holder
One of a series of artists’ Oyster card holders commissioned by Chelsea Theatre for Sacred 2009. From a Limited Edition of 100. Yara’s playful interdisciplinary practice uses pop culture and humour to engage audiences in questioning social and political systems of power and influence.

Sheila Ghelani
From Me To You With Love
Greeting Cards Box with postcards

Five boxes of 10 greeting cards feature different text / phrases written by members of Millman Street Resource Centre in Camden and Riverside Centre in Tower Hamlets London, two day centres providing services and care for older people. They are one of the artistic outcomes of From Me to You with Love, an arts project devised by Sheila for Clod Ensemble’s Extravagant Acts For Mature People. Each Box comes with a bonus postcard especially for ALAG.

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

Five copies of a new, limited edition publication documenting the Institute’s first five years: 2008-12.
Contents include
5 Critical Concerns by Imogen Tyler and Bruce Bennett, Jane Trowell with the Institute kids, Lois Keidan, Malcolm Miles and Mark Godber;
5 Performance Events remembering Family Picnics, Miss Julie in Utopia, A Key to Utopia, With Our £2000 Artist Fee We are Going to COP15 and Macbethmachine;
5 Postcards from 5 visitors to the Institute: Nicola Kirkham, Zhao Chuan, Rev Billy, Monika Vykoukal and David Lloyd;
5 Artist Residencies featuring Branka Cvjeticanin, Cathy Butterworth, Maresea MacKeith, a place or their own and Cinderfella;
5 Unfinished Conversations with Jennifer Verson, Ste Higginson, the cast of Macbethmachine (Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead, Ben Phillips and Lorena Rivero de Beer, Tim Jeeves and Britt Jurgensen), the Adults and the Children.


Rajni Shah
Ten Kinds of Dinner

In 2010, after making and performing their show Dinner with America, Lucy Cash and Rajni Shah created a series of 10 signed limited edition polaroid images, Ten Kinds Of Dinner. The artists have donated the last four prints in support of ALAG.


Live Art Development Agency
A selection of ten books and DVDs published by LADA 


Banner image credit:

Marina Abramovic “Walking Backwards with Mirror Exercise”, Mirror

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