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Responses to ‘Politics of Intimacy in Practice’

17 February 2021

A series of reflections and artistic responses by to the Politics of Intimacy in Practice DIY, by Raju Rage, Kyla Harris and Andre Medina, Rabindranath A Bhose, and Vanessa Young.

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A Conference about Animals of Manchester

16 January 2020

A critical response to Animals of Manchester, written by Maddy Costa and Mary Paterson

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‘Self-harm performance’, a blog by Leticia Izquierdo Díaz

18 December 2019

In this blog, artist and researcher Leticia Izquierdo Díaz reflects on research undertaken during a residency at LADA.

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A response to ‘Take the Money and Run: Power, Money and Counter-Power’ by Lewis Church

9 August 2019

A response by Lewis Church to ‘Take the Money and Run: Power, Money and Counter-Power’, an event considering how we might build for future struggles to free art and artists from their dependency on the proceeds of toxic capitalism.

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Ivy Monteiro –  a performance lecture on queer spirituality and Afrofuturism

30 July 2019

Ivy gave a public presentation at LADA in July 2019, about their work and issues of queer spirituality and Afrofuturism

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Wrongness by Thinker-in-Residence Hester Chillingworth

8 July 2019

A blog by LADA Thinker-in-Residence Hester Chillingworth on Live Art and Wrongness.

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Annie Jael Kwan, Practice-as-research: PASAR

12 June 2019

Annie Jael Kwan discusses the research of their Diverse Actions Leadership Bursary

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Some thoughts on Arthole and the trustworthiness of friends by Alex Mahon CEO of Channel 4

28 May 2019

Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4 talks about her experience of becoming LADA’s second Arthole Award Patron

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Andrea Pagnes’ (VestAndPage) response to Franko B’s ‘Because of Love’

27 March 2019

LADA are pleased to make exclusively available Reading, Because of Love, curator Andrea Pagnes’ brilliant response to Franko B’s Because of Love.

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