DIY for artists: Investigating ideas, testing methodologies by Lydia Ashman

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“When we started DIY, we wanted to hand the reins over to the people who really understand what artists’ professional development needs are – the artists themselves.” - Megan Vaughan, programmes manager.

We present 20 artist-led projects around the UK for DIY 13, a professional development programme for and by artists. 

From July to November, DIY 13 will see 20 diverse artist-led projects happening around the UK, each is partnered with an arts institution.

“DIYs are always hugely varied in form and subject, indicative of the breadth of live art practices,” says Vaughan. “This year we have everything from trespass and property and the performance of disability, to David Bowie and stargazing.”

Lydia Ashman finds out more.

Date Posted: 14 June 2016