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There Is No Word For It


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There Is No Word For It is a book based on a unique theatre project. It is a contemporary collection of real-life stories exploring the trans male experience. The contributors were twelve transgender men based in London, the UK, France and Southeast Asia.

There Is No Word For It doesn’t just concern itself with trans masculine body but it explores love, sexuality, daily life and finding a new language. The desire was to discover words for the unmentionable and unlock stories that had never been told.

As a reader delve in and out of the different sections: Childhood And Family, Transitioning Bodies, Growing Old, Male Privilege, From Low To Gung Ho, Sex (Part 1 & 2), What’s In Your Pants?, Medical Settings, Phalloplasties, Becoming A Man.

Use it as a flickerbook – a fast-moving insight into the twenty-first century trans male world.

There Is No Word For It is a collaboration between several arts practitioners: Laura Bridgeman (girlboy), Serge Nicholson (Transfabulous), Lois Weaver (Split Britches) and Simon Croft (a visual artist). In 2009, the company received an Arts Council of England award to stage the first readings with a cast of five transgender men.

‘This is the Vagina Monologues on steroids, literally.’ – Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw and My Gender Workbook.

‘It is poignant, bawdy, lyrical and sometimes terrifying.’ – Roz Kaveney, Times Literary Supplement.

hot pencil press, UK 2011, paperback, 144 pages.

ISBN 978-0956871107