Unframing Photography: Performing the Image to See Otherwise


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Unframing Photography: Performing the Image to See Otherwise is a new book by transdisciplinary artist Manuel Vason, and his third publication with LADA after the ground-breaking Exposures (2002) and Double Exposures (2014).

The Unframing Photography project is a collaborative endeavour by transdisciplinary artist Manuel Vason, questioning the power and influence of photography in our life.

It proposes the photographic frame as an ideological apparatus of control which affects the way we see, memorise and relate with others.

Sparked from a collaboration with 10 lens-based artists living in Folkestone (UK), Unframing Photography has unfolded into a series of public interventions, a number of large sculptures, an exhibition, a video documentary, and a book co-published by the Live Art Development Agency.

Collaborating lens-based artists and photographers: Aida Silvestri, Amy Johnson, Chelsey Browne, Clare Unsworth, Igor Emmerich, Jacqui Taylor, Lee Brodhurst-Hooper, Matt Rowe, Mick Williamson, and Thierry Bal.

Co-published by LADA, edited by Alessandro Simari and beautifully designed by Rubiane Maia, Unframing Photography: Performing the Image to See Otherwise comprises a culmination of the titular multifaceted project that was initiated by the urgency to reconsider the medium of photography as a technology of visuality.

Published by Live Art Development Agency, 2022. Hardcover, 148mm x 210 mm, 348 pages with colour images.

ISBN: 978-1-8380229-9-0

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