Continuum: Collected Happenings and Writings


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This is the first collection of written works by the artist Sarah Boulton, which extend and sustain her happenings after the performative part is over. Boulton carefully documents and responds to her happenings, covering works from 2012 to one happening that has yet to be made! The collection includes another kind of happening, one that Boulton happens upon and encounters in the role as an observant passerby-er. In this role reversal, Boulton stores away ideas and moments of movement and assembles them into new fictitious accounts of retrospection.

In Boulton’s writings, something happens and then another, a thought, a word, a small “so I then” sequences it with a consciousness. Here it is words that move, guided by the simple running of thought that reveals the connection between why and therefore, documenting movements into careful responses at the pace of the body, of thought. Here ideas can move too, like arms reaching, like eyes glancing quickly.


Sarah Boulton (b. 1989) is based in Devon, UK and her works have been presented at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, Caraboo Projects, Bristol, Cell Project Space, London, Rhuababa Gallery, Edinburgh and Patara Gallery, Tbilisi. Her writings have appeared in Tender JournalDanarti and in the 2015 Best British Poetry Anthology, and can be found online at, Jupiter Woods and New York Tyrant.


Publisher: Care of Time
Publication date: Dec. 2019
Pages: 62
Dimensions: 155mm x 232 mm x 25mm

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