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Angel Rose and Oozing Gloop present ‘SERIOUS FUN 2: SERIOUS FUN, SERIOUSLY’ the sequel to the cult-classic-so-underground-you’ve-never-heard-of-it zine, SERIOUS FUN. 

Serious Fun 2 is 2020’s back-door entrance to the palace of wisdom, housed within a bizarre object of abject entertainment.

Packaged in a re-used VHS video case, this zine contains a magic key to unlock its content. Through your purchase and participation with this object, you will be invited to an online space featuring essays and articles exploring aesthetics, politics, queerness, autism and the mind-body connection, fictional reality, Legally Blonde, and the ritual magic of dancing in your bedroom mirror. 

Not only this dear reader, but if you give us your money, you are in fact, also SAVING THE PLANET. Literally. Every copy of this zine that is sold will pay for the recycling of the toxic VHS tape that once lived within it. 

– Custom re-designed VHS case 
– Co-athoured Introduction booklet featuring photographs by Misha MN
– Have Fun or Fuck Off temporary tattoo 
– Unlimited access to the exclusive Serious Fun webspace
– 20,000 words worth of essays and articles including:
– Oozing Gloop’s Commucratic Manifesto
– The Philosophy of Excesstentialism by Angel Rose
– Extracts from Ben Walters PHD on Queer Fun

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