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Cannibal O


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A typeface narrative revolving around an I, a pair of ravenous eyes, a mouth, and a peptic ulcer called O. In the story I is pursued by O through a series of narrative passages set inside the oral cavity and the digestive tract. This internal narrative is interrupted by a second story – set outside the body – where I’s voracious eyes binge ready and her fingers obsessively munch on texts. As the narrative progresses the body break downs, fuelling an interior cannibalism where hierarchies, temporalities, and words lose their structure.

CATALINA BARROSO-LUQUE is Glasgow based Mexican artist and curator. Catalina constructs narratives inhabited by surrogate female bodies, voices and texts, which foil how she relates to others and herself. She has worked with spaces such as: CCA (Glasgow), Radiospace Borealis (Bergen), Glasgow International, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Pandeo (Mexico City), Salon ACME (Mexico City), Edinburgh Art Festival and Chalton Gallery (London). Her texts have been featured in MAP Magazine, Birkbeck Univerisity’s MaMSIE Journal and The Persistence of Type III (published by Panel).


With kind support from the CCA (Glasgow) and Creative Scotland.


psss, 2018. 18 pp. 12.5×18.7cm, saddle stitched.