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OMSK takes the element of the live event into the space of the printed book and gives each artist a set of blank pages. Documentation of performances coincides with instructions for use, riffs on the cinema, comic book drawings, art as anatomy, and musings on the presence of the artist. This publication also offers a critical overview of a dynamic period of change within multidisciplinary art practice. The DVD features some of the most exciting work in moving image from the UK and beyond; and on it’s flip side is a CD packed with cutting edge sound and music compared by Rob da Bank. In addition, OMSKBOOK includes a DIY guide for artists and curators to propagate future platforms for experimental art.

Contributors include: Bill Aitchison, Allsopp and Weir, Joanna Callaghan, Robin Deacon, Devotchka’s Conundrum, Helen de Witt, Paul Elliot, Oriana Fox, Dot Howard, Helena Hunter, Anna Joslin, Woodrow Kernohan, Andrew Kotting, Mairead McClean, Ursula Martinez, The Max Factory, Pilote, Quartet Electronische, Matt Rudkin, Nick Gordon Smith, Harald Smykla, Grace Surman, Sissu Tarka, They came from the Stars; I Saw Them, Paul Terrago, Jennet Thomas, Mari Monrad Visten, Kelly Warman, Phillip Warnell and Tracey Warr.

OMSK, London, 2007, Book, 152 pages, 2 colour images and illustrations throughout 20cm x 20cm and dual format DVD-PAL, 120 minutes and CD, 60 minutes. Limited Edition of 1000.

ISBN 978-0955611209

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