Bodies of Knowledge


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The human body is a site of knowledge production. It holds, shares, creates, enacts, transforms, contests, resists and performs ways of thinking and being in-and-against our worlds, histories and futures.

Featuring conversations, essays, drawings and photographs, Bodies of Knowledge reflects and builds on an interdisciplinary project involving artists, amateur and professional dancers, wrestlers, members of a trans community group and academic researchers interrogating how our bodies are both produced by and productive of knowledges.

From the entanglements of violence and care in the wrestling ring to negotiations of identity through Kathak dance, and the use of photography as a means to explore and communicate the euphorias and horrors of gender, this beautifully designed book explores why and how our bodies know what they know.

Contributors: Adesola Akinleye, Isaac Briggs, Jennifer Cooke, Laurie Crow, Thomas Dawkins (aka Cara Noir), Tara Fatehi Irani, Julia Giese, Martin Hargreaves, Claire Heafford, Joe Moran, Kesha Raithatha, Raju Rage, Nat Thorne, Claire Warden, Sam West and Sam Williams.


Page count: 127

ImagesIsaac Briggs, David Caines, Laurie Crow, Sam Moran, Raju Rage, Nat Thorne.

Printed by: Gomer Press, Wales.

ISBN: 978-1-8380229-0-7

Publisher: Radar and Live Art Development Agency, 2021.

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