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Not if but when: Culture Beyond Oil


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Unfortunately this title is out of stock and now out of print. However a PDF version is available for free on Platform‘s website here.

Not if but when: Culture Beyond Oil is a publication that sets out to discuss oil sponsorship of the arts. The single issue, limited edition publication features artworks in dialogue with the BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe and articles that set out the compelling arguments for an end to BP and Shell’s murky involvement with many of the nation’s favourite cultural institutions.

Each copy of this full colour 1000 limited edition will be numbered and daubed with oil from Gulf of Mexico beaches by featured artist Ruppe Koselleck, as part of his ongoing Takeover BP project, in which Koselleck sells artworks to buy shares with the aim of ultimately taking over BP.

Platform, Liberate Tate and Art Not Oil, 2011. 94 pages, full colour, paperback, 23.4 cm x 16 cm.

ISBN 9780956736536