Mutual Dependencies


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Co-authors: Jeremy Akerman, Ang Bartram, Diann Bauer, Jon Bird, Sonia Boyce, Nicky Coutts, Gefn Press, Sigrid Holmwood, Susan Johanknecht, Katharine Meynell, Jim Mooney, Virginia Nimarkoh, Kit Poulson, Emily Richardson, Gary Stevens, Will Stone, Maria Walsh, and H.F. Westley-Smith.

This publication has brought together work from people working independently, as well as at the Tate Gallery, staff and PhD students at Middlesex University, University of the Arts, University of Lincoln, the Slade and the Royal College of Art.

Mutual Dependencies is part artists’ book and part academic research. It contains a range of collaborative and inter-dependant work exploring what the practice of art writing might be.

These pages include drawings, recollections, photographs and diagrams, recipes for pigments or preserves, writings, ruminations and tentative articulations; taken as a whole, it engages with the overlaps between score, script, performance, concept and drawing, including scoring the table or drawing conclusions.

Artwords, London, 2011. 160 pages.
ISBN 978-1-906441-25-8

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