Lockdown Lists

Responding to the social conditions and lived experiences of the Covid-19 lockdown, LADA is compiling a series of reference lists of writings and films which draw attention to examples of historic and contemporary Live Art practice that produce states and encounters that are in someway akin to, or speak to, some of the experiences or issues of lockdown. These lists are imagined as resources where artists, researchers and curious folk might start their own investigations into the relationships between art making and periods of isolation, distancing, stasis and contagion.

Boxed In – Live Art and Confinement

Boxed In reflects some of the ways in which Live Art operates in relationship to issues and conditions of confinement.

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Live Art and Distance

This Lockdown List considers notions of Live Art and distance.

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Live Art and Time

This Lockdown List considers ways in which  artists have worked with time.

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The Live Art Almanac Volume 6

This Lockdown List is a reimagined Volume 6 of the The Live Art Almanac, LADA’s ongoing publishing project focused on collecting and disseminating ‘found’ writing about Live Art.

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Martin O’Brien, Mucus Factory, 2011, London. Image credit Manuel Vason. LADA Research and Projects, Restock Rethink Reflect Two on Live Art and Disability and Access All Areas (London and New York)