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Tenth Anniversary Short Films – Curious

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I have never loved you more by Curious 

Film Description:

Woman in blue dress cycles through a sun lit palm grove. She smiles lovingly into the camera. Romantic up beat music plays in the background.
V.O : Ten Years! Can you believe it?
Remember those early years? 
So full of hope and promise – of crazy beautiful dreams!
And here we are…
In slow motion we see the woman cycle towards then past the camera shot into a setting sun.
V.O: An anniversary is a time to reflect – on all the things you have made possible.
Now we cut to the woman running along the beach. She carries her sandals in her hand and runs barefoot, laughing playfully at the camera.
V.O To celebrate your steadfastness, your wisdom, your openness, your support.
The camera pans over one set of footprints in the sand.
V.O You have always been there for me and when I look back on our journey together I know that the times I could only see one set of footprints in the sand – those were the times you carried me. 
In a slow motion close up the woman smiles broadly at the camera and turns her head slowly. The sunlight glistens on her blue sunglasses.
V.O: I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
The woman sips a lemongrass lychee martini and smiles at the camera.
V.O Happy Anniversary Live Art Development Agency.
Against the shadow of tall trees the sun sets over the sea in an orange glow as the music fades out.


Helen Paris and Leslie Hill have been working together as Curious since 1996. In that time, they have made over forty projects in a range of disciplines including performance, installation, publication and film. The work is global and domestic: sometimes large, sometimes small in scale. Intimacy and a shared sense of encounter with an audience is always an important element.

Projects often start with a question; What is the relationship between smell and memory? What do you long for and where do you belong? What is lost and what is found in places undergoing rapid regeneration and change? What are gut feelings? The subsequent investigations involve intimate, personal journeys alongside public research and enquiry. This leads the artists into collaborations and conversations with an array of people including truck-stop waitresses, biological scientists, political refugees, ocularists, nuclear weapons experts, sex workers, film-makers, old folk and lost property workers.

Curious engage personally and as honestly as they can with these questions in their work as writers and performers. The resulting work is sometimes intimate, frequently edgy, often humorous and always authentic.
Curious are produced by Artsadmin. 
Curious have had a close relationship with the Live Art Development Agency over the past ten years. Leslie Hill and Helen Paris have both received One to One Bursaries, have received DIY funding, and have contributed to EEC, and Live Culture.

Click here to go to the Live Art Developement Agency's Directors Channel on You Tube.

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