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Tenth Anniversary Short Films – Motiroti

Watch September's film

Is it Live? by motiroti

Notes by Ali Zaidi, Artistic Director of motiroti:

This is an attempt at expressing my own practice in relationship to the Live Art Development Agency and Live Art.

Nearly over 1000 portraits in this video have been taken as part of various motiroti projects since 1999. Each portrait conceals a negotiation between the people in front on my lens, conversations that lead to the moment where people choose the photograph that represents them best and the relationships that grow as a result of it.

People, telling, re-telling, and sharing stories is what gives the LIVE element to my work, defining, re-defining even though the work can be experienced or distributed in many different formats.

It is the agency of the people and public that makes my world go tick tock!

Thank you Lois, Daniel and Andrew for inviting me to create a one-minute contribution for your 10th anniversary.

Ali Zaidi, biography:

Indian by birth, Pakistani by migration and British by chance, Zaidi draws upon this cultural displacement to pursue creative explorations of commonality and difference through art. Zaidi creates fresh participatory experiences for new audiences by inviting them to collectively reflect on issues around identity and question static perceptions of culture. Moving fluidly between diverse art forms, including film, live art, installation and digital technology, he fuses them with great ease and ingenuity.

Zaidi leads the artistic vision of motiroti, which he co-founded with Keith Khan in 1996. motiroti is an internationally acclaimed and award winning organisation that makes and produces interdisciplinary arts and creative projects working with a range of participants and collaborators across continents and cultures. For over fifteen years, complex socio-cultural interrelations and divides have been made accessible to global audiences through motiroti’s multiple perspective and vibrant artworks.

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