Study Room Residencies

Ongoing Opportunity

The Study Room is the core resource of the Live Art Development Agency and is a free, open access research facility used by artists, students, curators, academics and other arts professionals.

As part of LADA’s commitment to the development of Live Art, self-directed and self-funded research residencies are offered to artists, researchers, critics, academics and other such curious folk in the Study Room. Given the nature of our space we are not able to support making residencies.

We host a range of research residencies, some as part of wider LADA programmes and initiatives and others in responses to requests to undertake indepth enquiries into key themes, histories or artists.

As a minimum, a residency will involve:

  • Spending (at least) one week in the Study Room
  • A personalised introduction to LADA and the Study Room with a particular focus on titles, materials and resources of interest to the resident
  • Designated desk space within the Study Room
  • An advisory meeting with Lois Keidan, LADA’s director, and/or other staff as appropriate. This meeting might include specific advice on any areas of research or professional development.
  • Use of LADA’s kitchen and facilities during opening hours (10.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday)

Residencies that are, or may form, part of wider LADA programmes may also involve:

  • The resident holding meetings at LADA with artists and others about their research
  • The resident hosting a presentation of their work as part of LADA’s public programme (including LADA screens)
  • The resident holding a private gathering for an invited audience in the Study Room around the key themes they are exploring
  • The resident writing a blog about their research for LADA’s website

Residents are welcome to include Study Room Residencies as part of wider funding bids, and LADA is able to supply letters of support and indicative in-kind costings to prospective residents.

We ask each resident to write a short report at the end of their residency reflecting on, and offering feedback about, their experience at LADA.  Our team will be on hand to advise on this.

Recent Study Room Residents include:

Aine Phillips: Future States; Oozing Gloop; Es Morgan and Charlie Ashwell: hereafter; Edythe Woolley; Jatun Risba; Betina Habjanic; Sibylle Peters: Live Art and the Young; Jon McCurley; Lois Weaver: Live Art and Ageing; Elena Marchevska: Live Art and the Displaced; Kelly Green: Live Art, Class and Cultural Privilege; max+noa (fka Sheaf+Barley): Weeding; Burong (Wenjie Li); Lasana Shabaz; Petra Trendafilova; Amy Lawrence; Leticia Izquierdo Diaz; Susan Merrick; Jude Browning; Clio Lloyd-Jacob; Aaron Orzech; Ivy Monteiro; Leticia Izquierdo: Self-harm performance; James Johnson; Andrea Seamann.

person sitting at a table in front of full bookshelves in the study room

LADA also runs a Thinker In Residence scheme in which artists, writers and curators undertake longer term residencies to think through key issues that relate to their own practice and to aspects of LADA’s work to help us find new ways of approaching identified challenges and areas of interest. LADA’s current Thinkers in Residence is Selina Thompson.


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