DIY 10 Documentation

More info about DIY.

More info about DIY 10: 2013.

With 23 projects across the country and over 250 participants, DIY generates lots of documentation. On this page is a film we have made about DIY, a written report of all the projects and a selection of video and image documentation (view images above) from various DIY 10 projects.

Interviews with DIY artists

For DIY 10 we invited some of the artists leading DIY projects in 2013 to reflect on their experiences and share their thoughts about the scheme. Featuring interviews with Barby Asante & Delaine Le Bas, Nigel Barret and Louise Mari, Hester Chillingworth and Lucy McCormick, Lois Keidan and Aaron Wright, Ursula Martinez, Jordan McKenzie and Joshua Sofaer. Made in collaboration with Video in Common. We have also made an extended version of the film (15 mins) which features full interviews with the artists.


DIY 10 Report

The DIY 10: 2013 report is available to view and download below.



Below are a number of films that came out of the DIY 10 projects.

From Marcia Farquhar’s Taking It Personally with Norwich Arts Centre.

From GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN’s The Deadwood Stage with Cambridge Junction.

From Ansuman Biswas’ Farplayer.

From Simone Kenyon and Lucy Neal’s Waterproof with In Between Time

From Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari’s Probing Elvis, film by Greg Wohead.

From Kira O’Reilly’s Thinking Through the Body, Combative Manifestos. Film by participant Jennifer Milarski.


Banner image credit:

From Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari’s “Probing Elvis”, part of DIY 2013, image courtesy of the artist.


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