DIY 2020: Ashleigh Bowmott and Laura Sweeney – Doing, Undoing…and Doing Again

A 3-day remote retreat for six producers, curators and arts administrators who have had to undo their present and future work due to COVID-19. It will be a guided staycation which allows space to those who ‘support’ Live Art, to reflect on “business as usual”, get some much deserved socially-distanced nourishment, and the collective development of radical terms and conditions.

This DIY is run in partnership with ArtHouse Jersey

About the workshop

We will work together for 3 days in a row:

Day 1: Doing

The old ways of working – now we have a moment to reflect, how were we working before? What aspects of our roles felt like they were going well? Which bits were absolutely dreadful?

Day 2: Undoing

A much-deserved day off – a self-care day, where we undo the expectations we have put on ourselves to support as many people as possible, often at our own expense.

Day 3: …And Doing Again 

Work will return soon – how can we make changes before we fall back into our old ways? What is within our power to change? What will be our terms and conditions for going to work?

Dates and location

8,9,10 September

Your house – you need access to a laptop, a phone and Wifi with enough data to be online for 2 working days. If you do not have access to any of these, please let us know in your application.

If you require any access support to take part, please let us know in your application.


This DIY is for independent producers, curators and arts administrators who work to ‘support’ Live Art.

You should have at least 1 year of experience in these roles.

You can be based anywhere in the UK.

You will have cancelled some/all of your current or future work due to COVID-19.

We have 6 spaces and each participant will be given a stipend of £140 to take part.

We are committed to lowering barriers to access and ensuring that this opportunity is open to a diverse group.

How to apply 

Please complete this short application form which asks the following questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Email address:
  3. Where are you based at the moment? (must be in the UK):
  4. Link to your website/social media:
  5. What is your freelance role (producer, curator, arts administrator), how long have you been doing it, who do you work with and why do you do it? (200 words max)
  6. What work have you had to cancel due to COVID-19 and how did you find/are you finding that process? (150 words max)
  7. What are you currently feeling about your career going forwards? (150 words max)

Video applications are also accepted and should be sent via WeTransfer to [email protected]

About the artists

Ashleigh Bowmott is an independent curator, producer and artist-educator whose interdisciplinary practices converge around collectivity, learning and sustainability.

Laura Sweeney is an independent creative producer and facilitator working with performance and live artists to develop strategies for creating new work and sustainability, with artist development at the core.

Together they work as ‘The Uncultured’ with Brian Lobel, Dan Watson, La JohnJoseph, Malik Nashad Sharpe (Marikiscrycrycry), Nando Messias and Rachael Young. They also run The Committee at The Yard, a programme for art activists aged 15-19, who want to radically re-think the theatre of the future. They have had to cancel all of their current and future work due to COVID-19 and need this DIY as much as you do.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

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