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Collective Action: Wikipedia edit-a-thon with Clare Qualmann

This year’s Art+Feminism theme is Collective Action, so this will be the foundation for another edit-a-thon at LADA’s Study Room, taking place on Thursday the 16th of March.

As grassroots organising and worker power rise around the world, how are the works and practices of artist collectives, art workers and art-as-activism recorded and shared? From museum worker strikes at the National Gallery to the creative advocacy of Migrants in Culture, from the work of Land Body Ecologies on existential distress caused by environmental change to the direct-action feminist performances of Speaking of Imelda, co-operation, collectivity, and care are at the centre of today’s fights.

Join us to edit and create Wikipedia articles that speak to the theme of Collective Action. We will use LADA’s Study Room collections, as well as online resources, academic articles, books and any other sources we can get our hands on.  

Please feel free to come for the whole day or drop in for an hour. We will give an introduction at the start of the session and after a lunch break, but there will be people on hand to support you and help you get started whenever you arrive.

If you want to join online or to get involved with advance preparation of suggested groups, materials to work from, or planning and organisation, please get in touchBring your laptop, power cord, and make sure to create a Wikipedia account before the event.

Children are welcome and we will provide supervision as well as some activities for them, but please note that parents/carers will be responsible for their child; please send us an email noting the age of the kid(s) who will be coming with you, so we can have an estimate of the numbers and needs.

This edit-a-thon is organised by Clare Qualmann and LADA as part of Art+Feminism’s Year 10: Collective Action. Clare organised another Wikipedia edit-a-thon at LADA, for International Womxn’s Day 2020.

 Art+Feminism is a non-profit organisation building a community of activists that is committed to closing information gaps related to gender, feminism, and the arts, beginning with Wikipedia.

Access Information

LADA and The Garrett Centre are wheelchair accessible by lift and provide gender inclusive bathrooms.

We are continuing to implement measures in the space to ensure that our staff, visitors, and everyone who uses our building, remain safe during the ongoing pandemic and that we protect those who are disproportionately affected by it; please make sure to read our Covid Protocol before arriving at our building.


Banner image credit:

Wikipedia editing at the LADA Study room (2019), © Clare Qualmann

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