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PRAXIS Vol 1: Of People, Place & Time

Editor: Chrissie Tiller and Patrick Fox | Reference: P3166 | ISBN: 978-0-9935611-1-5 | Type: Publication

Taking two years of projects and initiatives by Heart of Glass, a national agency for collaborative and social practice based in St Helens, as its starting point, the publication explores the interface between theory and practice.

Books – Three New Publications on Socially Engaged Art

Artist/Author: Ana Teixeira Pinto | Reference: A0523 | Type: Article

Review of publications by Claire Bishop, Creative Time and Pablo Helguera

Let a Thousand Dictionaries Bloom

Artist/Author: Sean Burn | Reference: D1423 | Type: DVD

Collection of documentary interviews for the artist’s residency with Stanley Picker Gallery and the Live Art Development Agency.  For documentary photographs see D1424. For performance catalogue see P1449.

Let a Thousand Dictionaries Bloom

Artist/Author: Sean Burn | Reference: P1449 | ISBN: 978-9557746-1-4 | Type: Publication

From “Louder than Bombs”, arts-activist residency. For interviews and documentation see REF. D1423-D1424.


Artist/Author: Sean Burn and Gareth Mitchell | Reference: D1299 | Type: DVD

Spoken word CD.

Chelsea Girls

Artist/Author: Mary Paterson | Reference: A0237 | Type: Article

Mary Paterson reflects on the Chelsea Sacred Festival, Lois Weaver’s What Tammy Needs to Know About Getting Old (having fun) and Having Sex, and socially engaged practice, persona, memory, autobiographical

Laborartorio - from Micro to Macro

Artist/Author: Fernando Arias | Reference: P1121 | Type: Publication

Publication following the process of a group of artists working with the microscopic world to produce an art project with a social emphasis. In Spanish with intro in English.

The Art of Participation - 1950 to Now

Artist/Author: Various | Editor: Rudolf Frieling, Boris Groys, Robert Atkins and Lev Manovich | Reference: P1108 | ISBN: 978-0-500-23858-5 | Type: Publication

Catalogue published on the occasion of the homonymous exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on view 8 November 2008 – 8 February 2009.

CASAZine #4 - Drawing the Line

Editor: Milena Placentile and Monica Vykoukal | Reference: P1087 | Type: Publication

Published reports from the third meeting of the Cultural Analysis Summer Academy (CASA) – Amsterdam, June 2006.

Open Nights Pub Quiz

Artist/Author: Yara El-Sherbini | Reference: D0747 | Type: DVD

Photographs. This item is part of the Study Room Guide On Social Engagement and Participation by FrenchMottershead (P1290)

La Caja Blanca

Artist/Author: Yara El-Sherbini | Reference: P0880 | Type: Publication

Magic Moments: collaborations between artists and young people

Artist/Author: Anna Harding | Reference: P0765 | ISBN: 1 904772 28 5 | Type: Publication


Artist/Author: Yara El-Sherbini | Reference: D0316 | Type: DVD


Artist/Author: Yara El-Sherbini | Reference: V0470 | Type: Video

This item is part of the Study Room Guide on Performance, Politics, Ethics and Human Rights by Adrien Sina (P0661)