‘A Sleight of Hand lesson’ at LADA

This week LADA hosted Augusto Corrieri and Kay Hyatt for a ‘bespoke lesson in sleight-of-hand magic and misdirection’ at the Garrett Centre.

The lesson was one of the experiences which were donated, along with artworks and objects, by artists including Augusto Corrieri, Season Butler, Franko B, Tehching Hsieh, Karen Finley, Anne Bean and Oreet Ashery for the Silent Auction hosted by the auctioneer Gary Carter and his assistant, Shorty, during A Live Art Gala. The Gala was one of a series of initiatives by LADA, marking our 20th Anniversary in 2019.

Kay Hyatt, who, with Charlotte Cooper and Simon Murphy, has written movingly about supporting LADA and “giving LADA all [their] money after [they] die”, placed the winning bid for the ‘bespoke lesson in sleight-of-hand magic and misdirection’, the Live Art experience donated by Augusto.

Augusto Corrieri returns to LADA next month for On Magic, a public event featuring screenings, performances, conversation and magic from Augusto, Tim Bromage and Tom Cassani.

We love the weirdness of Live Art and respect how LADA works to foster it, the community surrounding the Agency and the resources it shares. We have been lucky to have witnessed and been inspired by electrifying performance and want to see much more. It's a life force! A reason for living! Encouragement!

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Banner image credit:

Augusto Corrieri and Kay Hyatt, A Sleight of Hand lesson, Live Art Development Agency, 2020. Image by Joseph Morgan Schofield.

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