SWAGGA - A Study On Camera
Online from 22 March - 24 April

In 2014 Project O, Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small, began working with Charlotte Cooper and Kay Hyatt on a show called SWAGGA. The work is rooted in dance and draws on other performance traditions, including a live soundtrack by Trash Kit and original compositions by Verity Susman. This collaboration was remarkable because it featured untrained dancers with the kinds of political bodies - fat, queer, older – that are rarely treated as creative, expressive or worthy choreographic subjects. Over two years SWAGGA was refined and performed for audiences around the country. Katarzyna Perlak documented the process and in 2016 created SWAGGA: A Study On Camera, a creative response to the live performance. The result is an extravaganza of mess, antisocial emotions and intersectional feminist sensibility.

"Brilliant video, powerful, subversive and funny. Clever on so many levels."

"Felt really lucky to see SWAGGA tonight thanks to LADA and @thebeefer - of course all of the questions flood in once the q&a is over and mic anxiety gone, but I am really grateful and full and feel fucking lovely tonight. Thank you."

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Date: 22 March 2018 to 24 April 2018