DIY 15: 2018 - Ana de Matos & Ria Hartley: Queer.Actions.360

Exploring possibilities of presence, sense and sound in VR performance

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Mon 2 July
This DIY is supported by Live Art Bistro

Project summary

How can we create presence through technological immersion – the sensation of being in the virtual environment instead of a physical interaction with media? Some people call VR the ultimate empathy machine, so we want to play with this concept and aim to test how 360º video can retain its liveness for audience's experience as a recorded work.

This three day workshop invites six queer artists with a developed one-to-one performance / action to explore the language of translating the live action into the VR medium. 

We will record with a couple of 360º cameras. VR headsets will be available throughout the 3 days. 

How to apply

This DIY is for queer artists making intimate performance. The online application asks about your practice, including web links where possible, and a short statement on why you would like to participate.

Small bursaries will be available to participants to help with expenses. Details on affordable accommodation will be provided. We feel it is important to prioritise artists from diverse backgrounds that have different performance styles and whose work / practice would benefit from this DIY.

Dates, times and location

Dates: 7 - 9 Sep 2018
Times: 10am-6pm each day
Location: Live Art Bistro, Leeds

If you really want to participate but are having financial difficulties please don't let this stop you from applying - we are working with LAB to help make this happen for you.

The artists

Ana de Matos is a filmmaker. Her current artistic practice explores the possibilities and challenges of the audio-visual medium to create sensorial experiences for the viewer. It is driven by a desire to create situations where the viewer feels and becomes free. The process often involves creating an environment which becomes a backbone, opening space for an experience to unfold. Abstract moving images and playful improvisation are central to her practice.

Ria Hartley began researching questions around ‘liveness in a mediatised culture’ (Auslander, P) in 2007. Their research began during the launch of web2.0 where they presented and performed this area of their research extensively between 2008 – 2013. Collaborating with Ana de Matos on Queer.Actions.360 offers them the long awaited return to their research in pervasive media, smart technologies and screen based performance where they will utilise and apply their own research from their two main thesis - ‘Audience as Author; the role of interactive narrative in internet performance (2008) and Living on the Screen; Disembodiment to Embeddedness (2010) as well as the methods, skills and techniques employed in their 1:1 performance work RECALL (2014).

Ria and Ana have been in conversation about documentation possibilities since Ana filmed RECALL in 2014. We feel it is time to take our years of conversation into action.

For questions about this DIY, please contact Ana.

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