DIY 12: 2015 - Shaun Caton ‘SHADOW SECT’

Project Summary

An opportunity to join Shaun Caton, one of the main exponents of the macabre and grotesque in performance art, to explore ideas of experimental drawing and ‘shadow’ work in ritualistic performance. The DIY will culminate in a collaborative live performance.

Drawing on Shaun’s own ritual performance objects, props and masks, participants will make drawings and cut outs that pay homage to the phenomenon of the wunderkammer – or cabinet of curiosities. The project will become a durational shadow play performance incorporating the use of ethnographic percussion instruments and vocal sounds. All drawing/shadow making materials will be supplied.

Applicants with an interest in shadow puppetry, shamanism, primitive, tribal and non western cultures and/or applicants with the ability to imitate birdsong or speak in a range of strange voices are encouraged to apply. 

Applicants must make their own masks to wear in the performance workshop and dress in neutral colours. 

Application deadline: Deadline passed.

Dates, times, location
Saturday 19 September, LADA office, London and one other date in October to be confirmed.

The Artist

Shaun Caton is a British performance artist, painter and avid collector, who has worked internationally for over 30 years. His  performance work has been variously described as ‘like eavesdropping on the home life of a serial killer’ -The Scotsman and ‘Neo-noir psychological horror’ - Exeunt Magazine. See the Shaun Caton website for more information.