Where Are We Now? Positions To Here And Now


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In 2017 steirische herbst, one of the oldest multidisciplinary contemporary art festivals in Europe, took place for the 50th time. Since its founding in 1968, the festival for performance art, theatre, visual arts, music, architecture, dance, literature, film, and theory has been a platform for the lively debate concerning the complex social, political, and economic conditions of the present. ‘Where Are We Now?’ is the question 50 artists and theoreticians reflect upon in this publication. Frustrated and inspired by new strains of nationalism, growing social inequality, advancing digitalisation, migratory movements and new areas of knowledge, the participants position themselves in the here and now with entirely different perspectives.

The Green Box, 2017. Paperback, 300 pages, German/English, colour illustrations throughout, 29.5 cm x 23 cm.


ISBN 9783941644977

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