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The Performance Pack is a signed and numbered limited edition artwork, a performance enabler, and an educational resource. Building on the legacy of Live Culture at Tate Modern, the Live Art Development Agency and Tate Interpretation and Education developed this unique educational resource. Drawing on works which have been informed by performance in Tate’s permanent collection and beyond, The Performance Pack is a ready-made kit containing all the audio-visual material, historical information and props needed to develop a lecture-based performance exploring the relationship between fine art and performance. The Performance Pack is aimed at collectors, educationalists and advocates as an introduction to contemporary performance practices.

The Performance Pack features the work of Matthew Barney, Joseph Beuys, George Chakravarthi, Robin Deacon, Forced Entertainment, Franko B, Ronald Fraser Monro, Guillermo GÌ_mez-Pe̱a, Rebecca Horn, Tehching Hsieh, Zhang Huan, Oleg Kulik, La Ribot, Richard Layzell, Stacy Makishi & Vic Ryder, Piero Manzoni, Howard Matthew, Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman, Hayley Newman, Carolee Schneemann, Cindy Sherman.

The Live Art Development Agency, London, 2005, boxed resource pack including image cards and DVD-PAL.
ISBN 0-954-604-016

The performance Pack is now SOLD OUT. Hires copies are available from the Live Art Development Agency.

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