Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist


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Bob Flanagan was an American performance artist, stand-up comic, poet, and lifelong sufferer of cystic fibrosis. He was also a masochist, who found that his S&M experiences helped manage the pain of his illness. He met his perfect dominatrix partner in Sheree Rose, and married her in 1982 while she hung him upside down from a ceiling (as Flanagan wryly comments during one of his shows, ‘You always hurt the one you love’).

Kirby Dick’s internationally acclaimed award-winning 1997 film follows Bob and his wife through the last years of Flanagan’s life. It is deeply moving, often hilarious profile of a unique artist, giving an insight into Flanagan’s warmth, courage and sense of humour.

This new BFI DVD edition presents the complete, fully uncensored version of a truly astonishing film that was previously cut by the BBFC for its 2002 DVD release.


* Presented fully uncut and uncensored for the first time. * Dick on Sick (Kirby Dick, 1997, 8 mins): producer/director Kirby Dick reflects on his experience of making Sick. * Sara’s Sick Too (Kirby Dick, 1997, 15 mins): short film revisiting Sara, a fellow cystic fibrosis sufferer who we see meeting Bob through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Sick. * Feature length audio commentary by Kirby Dick and editor Dody Doran. * Live performances with director introductions. * Deleted scenes with directors introductions. * Original soundtrack. * Original trailer.

BFI, London, 2012, DVD 90 minutes.

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