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Playing with Fire



Playing With Fire zine publication was part of a live reading event hosted by LADA and organised by the artist Jet Moon on April 24th 2021. The zine features invited writers who have experience of survivorship. The texts themselves defy easy categorisation, From delicate genealogies to rousing manifestos, the works show survivor writers as politicised, critical artists who are authorities on their own stories.

Featuring: Emem Amana’s Memoirs of a Coconut, Frankie Blomfield’s You are a murderer/ Dream DJ mix, Helen Bowie’s Confessional, Nosheen Khwaja’s Things that make the heart beat faster, Bella Violet Quinn’s, Untitled poem, Ayotomi If’s Non-Binary People’s Day and the Struggle for Wider Revolution, Dolly Sen’s THE FUCK NORMAL MANIFESTO, Andie Macario’s A Kind of Feeling, Elinor Rowlands’ Star Speckled Trees, and Jet Moon’s Beach: an excerpt from Jet’s upcoming book ‘Peachy’.

Playing With Fire is a platform for survivor writing organised by the artist Jet Moon. A project funded by Arts Council England, which gave Jet time to finish their novel ‘Peachy’, to hold two peer to peer survivor writing workshops and produce the live reading event with this accompanying zine.


Contributors: Jet Moon, Andie Macario, Dolly Sen, Elinor Rowlands, Ayotomi IF, Bella Violet Quinn, Frankie Bloomfeld, Helen Bowie, Nosheen Khwaja, Emem Amana

No ISBN, 2021.

FREE ZINE, 20cm by 14cm.