Live Forever: Collecting Live Art


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Live Forever is a collection of some of the catalytic figures of contemporary performance art. The theories and work of artists, cultural engineers, curators and collectors are set alongside critical meditations on the aesthetic and even legal ramifications of collecting live art.

‘The book now in your hands is itself a kind of collection, a gathering of the voices of some catalysts of contemporary performance: artists, cultural engineers, curators, collectors, set alongside critical meditations on the aesthetic, legal and museological ramifications of collecting live art. What emerges is a dynamic conversation – happily discordant in places – on the ethos of the act of collecting, and its social, political and philosophical consequences.’ – Adrian Heathfield

Essays by Beatrice Josse, Franck Leibovici, Daniel McClean and Catherine Wood; interviews by Teresa Calonje with Tania Bruguera, Josee and Marc Gensollen, Lois Keidan and La Ribot and an intervention by Jose A. Sanchez.

Koenig Books, 2014. 172 pages, paperback, 14 x 21cm.

IBSN: 978-3-86335-580-7

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