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This publication celebrates Laurie Anderson’s career, from her early works in the 1970s, to her rise to prominence in the 1980s. RoseLee Goldberg, a close friend of the artist, was granted full access to Anderson’s personal archives. She explores every aspect of Anderson’s work of the past three decades, illuminating her creative process; her interests in storytelling and technology; her collaborations with such avant-garde figures as author William Burroughs and rock star Lou Reed.

Goldberg devotes special sections of the book to Anderson’s inventions and body instruments, such as her Headlight Glasses and Screen Dress; her stage sets; her many violins; her scores and her videos. Hundreds of illustrations, song lyrics, excerpts from performances, stories and other writings complete this exciting study of a complex, multifaceted artist, whose groundbreaking work continues to engage and entertain while challenging the relationship between art, technology and society.

Thames and Hudson, 2000. 204 pp. Hardback. Colour and black and white illustrations throughout. 25 x 25 cm.

ISBN 9780500019931

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