How to Live


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Video documentation of Bobby Baker’s How To Live (2004).

Big questions call for big answers. After years of research, Bobby is ready to give us the answer to the biggest question of all: How to Live?

“I initially thought up this idea to poke fun at the treatment that I was receiving and my frustration with the training material generated in the United States. I discovered the world of therapies, their inventors and websites. I wanted to create my own ‘therapy’ as a subversive commentary. Gradually, though, I grew to respect and become interested in this movement and so wokred with Richard Hallam to research the subject in depth. He is a clinical psychologist, has been a practitioner in the NHS, a lecturer, with a background in social anthropology, so has contributed a great deal to my thinking.” – Bobby Baker

Creative collaboration and co-direction – Polona Baloh Brown

© Bobby Baker, 2008. PAL-DVD, 73 minutes.

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