HINCH: a film about Ian Hinchliffe


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Ian Hinchliffe was a performer who could bring a sense of menace, unpredictability and absurd humour into any creative arena. Hinchliffe hated the bland: life to him was an adventure and he pursued it with an insatiable and dangerous, playful delight with little distinction between on and off stage. His impromptu performances took place in the street, on public transport systems, in social clubs, art centres/laboratories, theatres, summer festivals, pubs, once in a consecrated church and, God help us, even the odd art gallery.

HINCH developed from the organisation and documentation of a Memorial for Hinchliffe held at Beaconsfield in London in 2012, and from the ongoing process of collecting and finding a safe space to house the Hinchliffe archive. The Memorial was filmed by Matt Page. Subsequently, more live footage of Ian performing across the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s was discovered and fellow artists and curators were interviewed. This film is a compilation of all these things and offers an introduction to the strange and wonderful world of Ian Hinchliffe.

Produced by Roger Ely and Dave Stephens.

Live Art Development Agency, 2014, DVD-PAL, 43 minutes.

ISBN: 978-095-7393-86-8

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