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This is the first book-length collection to focus on the performance and theatre work of Lone Twin – Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters – a duo recognised internationally as one of the UK’s most inventive performance collaborations.

Over the past decade they have made over thirty projects located at the cusp of live art, theatre, and performance writing, travelling the world with theatre shows, collaborative public projects, durational events and a six-year cycle of performances about bodies, water, journeys, and chance encounters.

The book contextualises, documents and analyses Lone Twin’s work. It explores their interest in live performance, journeys, places, language, narrative and image, and includes original interviews, essays, performance texts and photographs.

It has been designed to engage creatively and critically with the duo’s evolving concerns and diverse modes of practice by adopting a range of theoretical and interdisciplinary perspectives. The collection locates Lone Twin within a contemporary landscape of experimental performance making, and seeks to pay homage, in a deliberately playful manner, to the participatory and optimistic energies that characterise the duo’s creative work.

Performance Research Books, 2011, 364 pages, 20cm x 25cm.

SBN: 978-1-906499-02-0

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