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The Free University of Liverpool (FUL) is a protest and was founded in November 2010 during the hiatus of the student and public sector worker marches against the ConDem government plans to privatise public sector higher education.

This publication is a document of the Foundation Degree in Culture and Performance set up by FUL and the various tactics and strategies that were dreamed up in order to make it work. During the degree FUL tried to re-envisage what learning means by asking some basic questions: is the difference between a learner and a teacher helpful to our attempts at reclaiming a love of learning from the forces of privatisation? Does blurring the boundaries between ‘those who know stuff’ and ‘those who want to know stuff’ help? How far are we replicating some of the repressive ideologies of learning and teaching in our programmes and what might we do to liberate ourselves?

Foundations is an attempt to represent these processes and to inspire others to making their own university. Within the publication you will discover that FUL’s Foundation Degree has been an adventure, not always one well planned or well executed but one that always retained a sense of urgency that grew out of its beginnings.

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FUL Press, 2012. 105 pages, black and white images, paperback, 20cm x 14 cm.
ISBN: 978-0-9574349-0-5