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Queer Feminist Decolonial Ecologies Dossier


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While information on ecology is limitless, the intersection between ecology and feminism is largely underemphasised across environmental policies and, for what concerns us here, the arts. During our curatorial research we became aware that there were very few festivals, programmes or exhibitions that could account for how pressing issues such as climate change, deforestation and pollution are in fact disproportionately affecting some bodies more than others.

This dossier, which builds on curatorial and artistic research produced for Ecofutures by CUNTemporary in 2019, hopes to contribute with both its format and its experimental queer-feminist contents to a different vision of ecology while becoming an archive of the Ecofutures project as well as an invocation for a much more sustainable future.

Published in the UK in 2020 by
Arts Feminism Queer / CUNTemporary

On the occasion of the festival

Ecofutures: Queer Feminist Decolonial responses to Ecological and Environmental changes.

March – April 2019

Editors: Diana Georgiou, Katie Goss & Sofia Vranou

Graphic Designer: Diana Georgiou

Printing & Binding: London College of Fashion