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In June 2020, a group of 23 creative practitioners came together in virtual spaces to think, talk, listen and dream, learning from each other and through the act of dialogue. These writings reflect some of their thinking, on where we are now and some of the paths forward. FIELD notes is a call for change with care and transparency at its core. 

Contributing artists are Lisette Auton, Emma Beverley, Umar Butt, Kate Craddock, Brendan Curtis, Emma Geraghty, Adam York Gregory, Ellie Harrison, Katie Hickman, Lady Kitt, Alister Lownie, Krissi Musiol, Toni-Dee Paul, Katherina Radeva, Chloe Smith, Hannah Sullivan, Jo Verrent, Rich Warburton, Ben Wright. Edited by Alister Lownie, Illustrated by Katherina Radeva.

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