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A collection of photographic works of performance by Manuel Vason: an unprecedented approach to the representation of artists and their art and an intriguing introduction to some of the most celebrated performance practitioners from the current generation of British artists.

Contributors: Doran George, Ernst Fischer, Franko B, Gilles Jobin, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Helena Goldwater, Joshua Sofaer, Kira O’Reilly, DogonEff, La Ribot, Marisa Carnesky, Mat Fraser, Moti Roti, Oreet Ashery Robert Pacitti, Ronald Fraser Munroe, Stacy Makishi, Susan Carol Lewis. Essays by Keidan and Athey.

Black Dog Publishing in association with the Live Art Development Agency, London, 2002, 96 pages, 86 colour photographs, 20cm x 30cm.

ISBN 978-1901033878

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