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Filmmakers Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy collaborate on this mysteryabout a young loner named Helen (Annie Townsend), who becomesunexpectedly influenced by the persona of a missing girl after agreeingto assume her identity for a police reconstruction of the crime scene.The more Helen identifies with the girl police are searching for, thesmaller the gaps in her own fractured life become.

desperate optimists, UK/Ireland, 2008, DVD-PAL, 75 mins.

Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor (desperate optimists) embarked on theCivic Life series in July 2003 and have since created a unique andrichly cinematic set of short films that capture different places andcommunities in a single daring long-take. Using complex film rigs andhundreds of extras these works made in negotiation with residents andcommunity groups are both theatrical and deeply cinematic, experimentaland highly accessible. This package includes a book of photographs andshort essays on the project and the DVD contains seven short filmsincluding ÌøWho Killed Brown Owl’, winner of the Best British Short FilmAward at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004.

desperate optimists, London, Book, 54 pages, 23 colour photographs, 18cm x 12cm. DVD-5 with colour book, 101 Minutes.

ISBN 0-955-129-520

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