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Video documentation of Bobby Baker’s Box Story (2001), final in the Daily Life Series.

Remembering Pandora, Bobby delves into a selection of boxes unleashing the ills of the world and attempting to conquer them with hope and unsettling humour. Eight exceptional singers, performing music especially composed by Jocelyn Pook, accompany her on her quest, providing a touch of irony to her valiant but vain efforts.

“Box Story felt good from the start and is one of my favourite shows. While I was writing the first application I was a resident in a crisis house. The show is about misfortune and I felt overwhelmed with the bleakness of it all. One of the staff, Bill Briscombe, told me the bit of the myth that I had forgotten – that Pandora finds Hope left in the box. Hope became my sharp knife to get out with.” – Bobby Baker

Creative collaboration and co-direction – Polona Baloh Brown

Commissioned by LIFT

© Bobby Baker, 2008. PAL-DVD, 75 minutes.

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