The Crossing of Innumerable Paths


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Celebrated art critic and curator Guy Brett is a leading writer who has made a significant contribution to art criticism and curating. From the 1960s onwards he has championed influential and experimental artists across the world through some key exhibitions and publications.

The fourteen essays in this book bring together a unique gathering of artists, tracing their diversity and singularity. Many of these artists make works which arise out of their responses to the situation or the environment in which they find themselves, a process that draws on the countless interactions people have and the many ways that they connect.

Brett’s writing has a unique tone – lucid and widely researched, free of narrow academicism. He has published widely in the art press, addressing topics such as the relationship between art and life, ideas about the participation of the spectator, and the importance of a kind of visual wit to both artists and writers.

Ridinghouse, 2019, 232 pages

ISBN: 9781909932531

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