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Hello, Welcome, You look very nice. We’re Big Hits and we’re on a mission.
You’ll learn SELF-IMPROVEMENT here with us tonight and you will COMPLETELY improve yourself. That way you can be better in the world. Are you ready? Because if you’re not you’re running out of TIME. We’re going to blast our hearts RIGHT OUT for you right here for you.

How do you feel? Do you feel FREE?
This one’s for you.

Big Hits rises up in the space between live art and theatre, relentlessly looking for a good time – and staring hard at censorship, propriety, and the violence that can erupt when noise is stifled. An Unruly Voice is at large, and the music’s turned up high.

“super-smart..this is a show that shouts itself hoarse and shows us up as sell-outs in a scabrous society. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

– Matt Trueman

GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN (UK) is a London and Essex based performance company, formed in 2008. The company creates experimental devised performance for a variety of environments on and off stage, as well as curating the work of other artists and running a mentoring scheme. GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN makes work which draws particularly from theatre, live art, stand-up and cabaret, and which has a keen interest in glory, endurance, artifice and the banal. The company is an Associate Artist at Colchester Arts Centre and Roehampton University. GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN’s work tours nationally and internationally.


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