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PRAXIS Vol 1: Of People, Place & Time

Heart of Glass & Live Art Development Agency, 2017. 210mm x 297mm, 71 pages, paperback with colour photographs throughout.

Volume 1 of ‘Praxis’ is an invitation to a conversation. A conversation about community, engagement, collaboration and co-creation. A conversation about art and place and who gets to make art and where it gets made.

Taking two years of projects and initiatives by Heart of Glass; a national agency for collaborative and social practice based in St Helens; as its starting point, it explores the interface between theory and practice. And tries to uncover the possibilities contained in, what Grant Kester calls, ‘the spaces between’.

It looks at St Helens as a specific place and St Helens as every place: drawing on its rich history and heritage to ask new questions, unearth new work and set down new challenges. And in sharing both our actions and our learning, it is an invitation to readers to join us in questioning what role art and artists might play in a time of such political, social and economic turmoil. Because, now, perhaps more than at any other time, ‘Our future is bound up together’.

With contributions by:

Patrick Fox, Chrissie Tiller, Grant Kester, Ailbhe Murphy, Vaari Claffey, Mary Paterson, Michelle Wren, Jude Woods, Prof. Lynn Froggett and Dr. Alastair Roy