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AGENCY: A Partial History of Live Art

Looking back at the last 20 years of Live Art through the lens of LADA, edited by Theron Schmidt and co-published with Intellect Books

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GraceGraceGrace explore gen-age

Chucking marginalised status out of the patriarchal pushchair, this anthology cites work by people who perform rebellious gen-age identities.

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Everything In My Head At One Time In My Life

An extraordinary response by artist Lucy Hutson to their experiences within the mental health system.

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Anne Bean: Self Etc.

The first substantial survey on the work of the artist Anne Bean.

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On Live Art, Class and Cultural Privilege

Two new resources by artist Kelly Green on Live Art, Class and Cultural Privilege.

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On Live Art and the Displaced

A pair of resources on Live Art and the displaced by artist and researcher Elena Marchevska.

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On Live Art and Ageing

Two resources by artist and activist Lois Weaver on working with older individuals and communities.

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On Live Art and the Young

Two new resources on Live Art and the Young by artist and researcher Sibylle Peters.

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Scottee: I Made It

A swanky archive book documenting a decade of making art and trouble.

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TO YOU TO YOU TO YOU: Love Letters to a (Post)Europe

An intimate collection on love and dissent by artists and writers.

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