Tenth Anniversary Presents

The Agency celebrated its tenth anniversary through a special series of projects including ten commissions of ‘anniversary presents’ especially created for sale on Unbound, the Agency’s online shop for Live Art books, dvds and limited editions.

The ten artists who created anniversary presents all had some kind of relationship with the Agency over the last ten years, as One to One Bursary artists, as contributors to Agency programmes and publications, or as DIY projects leaders, to name but a few.

All the artists created their anniversary presents around variations on the number ten in terms of editions or prices, and the presents range from mass produced, cheap and cheerful merchandise, to limited edition artworks.

The presents are exclusively available on the limited editions shelf of Unbound.

Franko B
My … Hurts

Silver pen on black paper wood framed drawings.
1 Edition in a series of 10 consisting of 9 single drawings and one triptych.

1. my knees hurt, 2. my head hurts, 3. my ass hurts, 4. my fingers hurt, 5. my heart hurts, 6. my tummy hurts, 7. my foot hurts, 8. my cock hurts, 9. no more pain. Triptych consists of skull, boating lake and heart house, and men with cocks.
Anne Bean
My Present is N O W

One letter from N O W written in strawberries.
1 Edition of 10 box framed triptychs (each triptych will be made-to-order).

If one were to distil a considerable sector of Eastern thought to one word it would be N O W, which is also a significant underlying notion in performance/live-art. If one were to distil Western capitalist doctrine to one word it would be O W N.
Richard Dedomenici
Build Your Own Replica Live Art Development Agency

A cardboard model of the Agency office and staff.
1 Edition of 100.

For the first time you can benefit from the satisfaction of your very own replica Live Art Development Agency, self-assembled in the comfort of your own home! Caution: owning this product will not qualify you to run a non-governmental cultural organisation.
Yara El-Sherbini
Yara El-Sherbini’s Decision Maker

A floating action pen.
1 Edition of 500.

Can’t make up your mind? Put faith in the pen and let fate decide. Use Yara El-Sherbini’s Decision Maker to help you throughout your day.
Tim Etchells
Heroes & Heroines of Live Art (First 110)

T-shirts of artists from the Live Art canon.
1 Edition of 110 ethically produced 100% cotton T-Shirts with vinyl cut lettering.

A collection of unique T-shirts designed by Tim Etchells, with each shirt bearing the name of an artist rendered in a (more or less) suitable typeface. Only one of each shirt will be produced.
Heroes and Heroines of Live Art (First 110) Poster

Poster of artists from the Live Art Canon.
1 Edition of 110, A0, signed and editioned on the back.

A bonus ‘anniversary present’ poster detailing all 110 artists’ names rendered in their (more or less) suitable typefaces from the Heroes & Heroines of Live Art (First 110) T-Shirts, which formed one of the original anniversary commissions.

Read text by Tim Etchells about this work.
Marcia Farquhar
Rosebud Cupcake


Cupcakes cast from marble dust resin.
1 Edition of 10

A solid stone cupcake based on the intimate casting, Rosebud. Cast from one of Farquhar’s original bespoke Jane Asher cakes, and created with a nod to Marion Davies and Marcel Duchamp, the work is cupcake-sized.
Hayley Newman
Out of Memory

Black and White Bromide prints, unframed
One Edition of 3 in a series of 10

A series of exquisite prints marking the locations of performances that happened in London between 1961 and 2004. The original artists’ name, title of work and the site of the original performance will only be revealed when your purchase arrives.
Harminder Singh Judge
For-Skin For-You For-Ever

Neon penis and peacock feathers in a black hand-made box.
1 Edition of 3.

An incredibly personal gift of a neon outline of Harminder Singh Judge’s erect penis presented in a black hand made box on a bed of peacock feathers.
Joshua Sofaer
Performance Artist Paper Doll

Cut out and keep your own performance artist.
1 Edition of 500. A4 loose leaf cardboard.

Cut and Play
Manuel Vason
10 Minutes For 10 Years

A 10 minute-exposure group photograph.
1 Edition of 10. C-Type print, unframed.

Manuel Vason invited eight artists with a history with the Agency to participate in a 10 minute-exposure photograph taken on rare Polaroid film, with himself and Lois Keidan. The eight invited artists are: Barby Asante, Sheila Ghelani, Kazuko Hohki, Helena Hunter, Eirini Kartsaki, Robert Pacitti, Rajni Shah and Lois Weaver.

Other projects in Tenth Anniversary Presents

The Agency celebrates its tenth anniversary, including ten commissions of ‘anniversary presents’.

Banner image credit:

Joshua Sofaer, ‘Performance Artist Paper Doll’

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