SPILL Festival of Performance, London

SPILL Festival of Performance
Barbican and Toynbee Studios

The Agency is delighted to be working as partners on the SPILL Festival 2013.

SPILL – Showcase

The SPILL Showcase 2013 will present the work of ten innovative, daring and exciting young artists from across the UK who have been selected from 46 artists who presented their work in the SPILL National Platform in Ipswich in October 2012. The Agency is working with SPILL and the Showcase artists on a range of artistic development strategies.

SPILL – Study Boxes

We are thrilled to announce that following the huge success of the SPILL Study Boxes during the SPILL Festival in Ipswich, the Boxes will be installed at Toynbee Studios for the duration of SPILL.

The Study Boxes contain a range of hand picked DVDs, books and other materials around specific themes. They reflect the work of a host of UK and international artists and represent a diversity of themes including issues of identity politics in performance, the explicit body in performance, large scale performance, sound and music in performance, activism and performance, ritual and magic, large scale performance, strange theatre, life long performances, participatory performance, critical writing, non Western performance, do it yourself, trash performance, and many more.  Each Study Box contains between four and eight items and can be used for a quick browse or for a day-long study.

SPILL – Publications Launch – Raimund Hoghe and Tim Etchells 

About SPILL Festival

SPILL Festival of Performance is an international festival of experimental theatre, live art and performance presenting the work of exceptional artists from around the globe.  Created in 2007 by performance maker Robert Pacitti, and produced by Pacitti Company, SPILL is recognised worldwide as the UK’s premier artist-led festival of radical live work.

“This edition of SPILL is curated around ideas of ‘contact’. We hope you smack right in to it. Some of the work here invites us to consider our connections to the past, in order that we might form a view of the future; some of the work plays with time, offering us prolonged exposure to game play; some screams out in defiance of unwanted contact; whilst some seeks to bridge the divides of space and time, questioning the extent to which we are all (stuck?) in our own bodies – stuck? Contained? Existing? Trapped? The visceral contact between flesh and materials. Our delicate, intimate human-to-human contact.Then beyond.”

Robert Pacitti

SPILL Festival Artistic Director

Raimund Hoghe & Tim Etchells

A special launch event for two new books on Tim Etchells and Raimund Hoghe, published by the Live Art Development Agency. Tim and Raimund both have longstanding relationships with SPILL and are Patrons of LADA.

Throwing the Body into the Fight: a Portrait of Raimund Hoghe (edited by Mary Kate Connolly, co-published by LADA and Intellect) is the first English language publication dedicated to this seminal choreographer and performance maker. Tim Etchells’ While You Are With Us Here Tonight playfully engages with Tim’s personal history and archive, from both his own and others’ perspectives, and is the outcome of his Legacy: Thinker in Residence Award (a collaboration between LADA and Tate Research).

The evening will include special presentations by Tim and Raimund, and contributions from Mary Kate Connolly and Lois Keidan.

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Madeleine Botet de Lacaze “The Shell”.

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