DIY+ 2017 – Sheree Rose with Rhiannon Aarons and Amy Kingsmill: Methodologies in Body Art

Tailored training in sadomasochistic methodologies, pain practices, and durational working


Project summary

This DIY+ is about outreach and safety for artists and other individuals interested in pain and body practices, as well as the de-stigmatisation of consensual sadomasochistic activities. Join us in open dialogue and in a safe space where extreme ideas related to the bodily construct of the subject can be shared without judgment, and investigate issues of consent, safety and risk management in the execution of these ideas.

Day 1 will involve an artist dialogue (including guest speaker Martin O’Brien), followed by sessions on community education and working with institutional risk procedures.

Day 2 will involve live demonstrations and risk minimisation surgeries tailored to participant requirements, including mitigation of long-term effects. The workshop concludes with a transcendence workshop, featuring exercises based in Sivananda Yoga and Kuk Sool Won martial arts practices.

How to apply

Applications are invited via the link below. Questions are included on your practice, the performance ideas/techniques you wish to explore, why you wish to participate and how you think you and your practice will benefit. Links to documentation of existing works are also required.


Dates, times and location

Dates: 29-30 Jul 2017
Times: TBC
Location: Brighton

The artists

Sheree Rose is an American photographer and performance artist. Her photographs documented the BDSM and queer subcultures in Los Angeles during the early 1980s. With her partner and creative collaborator, performance artist Bob Flanagan, they explored sexuality, BDSM, death, and daily living with terminal illness.

Rhiannon Aarons is a Los Angeles based artist and writer with over a decade of teaching experience with all demographics. She has been studying closely with Sheree over the last year as part of a creative investigation in the preservation and transmission of SM practices in relationship to archiving and performance practices.

Amy Kingsmill is an actress and performance artist based in London. She has performed at venues throughout the UK and is known for performances including hook suspension, surgical stapling, and other extreme methods to discuss the politics of the body and feminine aesthetic.

For questions about this project, please contact Rhiannon, including 'LADA DIY' in the subject line.

DIY+ is kindly supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. This project is facilitated by The Marlborough Pub and Theatre.

DIY+ is a new initiative that has been created to facilitate more ambitious DIY projects than we have previously been able to support. These projects represent a step up from our regular DIY programme, either in terms of scale and scope, materials and resources, and/or which offer participant artists an increased or deeper level of engagement. 


Banner image credit:

Sheree Rose and Rhiannon Aarons


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