WALKING WOMEN: A New Study Room Guide and Launch Event

“The invisibility of women in what appears as a canon of walking is conspicuous;  where they are included, it is often as an ‘exception’ to an unstated norm, represented by a single chapter in a book or even a footnote.”
Heddon and Turner (2012)

In the summer of 2016 artists Amy Sharrocks and Clare Qualmann curated WALKING WOMEN events at Somerset House, London and Drill Hall, Edinburgh.

The events were the largest gatherings of women walking artists ever convened in Britain, and brought together artists from across disciplines to discuss, present, create, record, broadcast and make public the work of WALKING WOMEN. The events gave space to the huge endeavour of these artists; they looked at what we walk in and on and beside whom; they offered new mappings, new skills, new networks, and new knowledge.

LADA curated a small bibliotheque for the Somerset House programme and commissioned Amy and Clare to create a Study Room Guide on WALKING WOMEN.

Their guide takes us through a broad selection of walking artists we may be familiar with and many we may not have heard of. It provides links to all their work, details of relevant titles held in Dee Heddon’s legendary Walking Library, and listings of titles from LADA’s WALKING WOMEN bibliotheque.

Please join us for the launch of the Guide and meet people who took part in the events, hear them talk about their work, celebrate, suggest new ideas and join in a different future.

This is a next step to changing the canon of walking art. 

If you can manage two nights in a row, please also consider booking onto Step by Step (5), an interdisciplinary seminar with a focus on walking.

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