Tempting Failure Study Room Day

As part of their 2016 Live Art Festival TF2016 Tempting Failure will be taking over the LADA Study Room for a day of discusssion around the Festival theme in-utero. 

This day long event will feature an introduction from Tempting Failure and the chance to browse a selection of curated materials from the LADA Study Room examining cycles, new beginnings, creation/destruction, depression and disease. 

Using the format of an open mic platform there will be an open invitation to share texts, images or create spontaneous responses to the discoveries made in the Study Room. This will be followed by an afternoon Round Table session discussing some of the themes emerging from the open mic sessions as well as considering the theme in-utero.

TF2016 is an artist-led festival showcasing transgressive and risk-taking live work from the 21 – 29 July 2016. TF2016 will host over 50 performances and around 85 artists will take part in this in a range of venues across multiple London Boroughs. 

Tempting Failure Website

Banner image credit:

Lada Tempting Failure Study Cafe, Tempting Failure 2014, The Birdcage, Bristol. Photography Helena Sands

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